How can I find information from SIGMA America?

Please complete the linked form to request to be added to our Media Alert list for new product announcements, special promotions and corporate news. Please note that this distribution list is primarily for working media, bloggers, YouTubers based in the United States.  Click here to complete the form. 

Please complete this form with as much detailed information as you are able to provide for consideration. Please note that we receive hundreds of inquiries a week, and while we would absolutely love to support every avid SIGMA fan, and every worthy project, this reality is we can not. We do actively review each submission and will follow up when there is a strong match between the pitch and the current marketing objectives. Click here to complete the form.

Click this link to download the official SIGMA logo in .PSD and .PNG formats. Please note the official SIGMA logo features the name SIGMA in all capitals, in black type, in the stylized font. The alternate logo is in white type against a dark/black background.

Please do note that an earlier version of the logo was red in color and featured slightly different character weight and kerning. This logo was retired in 2012. Please do not use this for current reporting  or commentary on the company.  To put this in perspective, “Call Me Maybe” by Carlie Rae Jepsen was #1 on the Pop Charts when the red logo was officially retired just prior to Photokina 2012.

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We love showcasing strong, original work from SIGMA fans! Please complete this form for consideration and we’ll be in touch if and when your work is selected for showcasing.

Click here to contact Jack Howard, who runs Media Relations and Public Relations for SIGMA America.

Thanks for reviewing our gear! Please drop and email to Jack Howard at SIGMA.PR@sigmaphoto.com, and also feel free to reach out to our social media teams on any of our channels, too!

I need to get in touch with SIGMA America for something that isn't about Media Relations

Click here for information on contacting Sales, Service and Support for both still and cine product lines.